Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kat Von D Monarch and Dior Sundeck: Swatches and Review

I really love bronze eyeshadow palettes. If you throw in a pretty orange and gold, consider it a done deal! I have two new favorites this spring, so I thought I could show them together for maximum pretty.

Dior Sundeck is in the usual Dior quint packaging. I appreciate the sleek practicality, and the fact that it fits nicely with the rest of my Dior quints.
Kat Von D Monarch has a case that is a work of art alone. I absolutely love the gorgeous outer design!

Monarch offers twelve shades, while Dior has five.

The color schemes are similar, but I didn't find any shades that were exactly the same between the palettes.


Kat Von D Monarch offers a burnt orange, beautiful gold, along with a few neutral taupe shades. I love the mix of mattes and shimmers. The top right shade is the only true dud- a matte base with silver sparkles that didn't adhere to the eyelid well. I can put together so many different color combinations- from silver, to warm bronze, to bright orange and gold! I love the possibilities.


Dior Sundeck offers a more refined shimmer. The deep brown is a satin and the cream color is a very sheer matte. I can easily apply these shades without going overboard or needing to blend much. The orange is more subtle in this palette- a great option for someone starting to experiment with color. This palette is perfect for days when I need something simple and flattering.

I am loving both palettes, and I think they are different enough to coexist in my spring palette rotation. I really hope Dior continues releasing quints with this more pigmented formulation. Kat Von D has also released some gorgeous palettes lately- I always enjoy the artwork and thought involved in the color scheme.


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Icedcaramellatte said...

Thanks for the comparison swatches. I have the Kat Von D palette and wondered how it compared to SunDeck. I'm considering buying SunDeck. The problem is I have Dior's Aurora which is similar too but somehow swatches are justifying the purchase.

Thanks again.