Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chanel Diapason Illusion D'Ombre: Swatches, Review, and Comparisons

Today I have swatches of something lovely and glittery. A new Chanel Illusion D'Ombre! I had written this color off, until I swatched it in person. I was unable to resist the shimmering blue duo chrome in this purple beauty.

Diapason appears to be a regular old dark purple in the pot.
Upon swatching, the gorgeous blue shimmer shows up.

The base is a warm transparent purple, which provides a nice contrast to the cool blue shimmer.

Here are some friends:


Illusoire is a lighter grayish purple. Ebloui is a reddish brown in comparison to Diapason. Fatal is a lighter, more faded purple than the base of Diapason. Fatal also has silver shimmer instead of blue.



Diapason is a unique purple, making it a great addition to my collection of sparkling pretties. For further coercion, Kate The Driveller has an excellent set of pictures capturing the blue duo sparkle in Diapason.