Friday, September 6, 2013

Chanel Seduction Quad: Swatches and Review

Chanel recently put out a mini collection with two quads, two Illusion d'Ombres, and eyeliners to go with each set. I wasn't planning to get anything, but after seeing the collection in person, I left with two things. I purchased Convoitise Illusion d'Ombre and Seduction Quad.

Seduction has a rosy brown color combination with a bit of peach thrown in.

It really doesn't look special or amazing, but the rose color is what sold me!

The palest color is an off white satin. The peach has a slight golden shimmer that layers beautifully with the rose. The rose color is almost burgundy in some lights, and has a silver shimmer. The deepest color is a matte brown, which adds depth to the crease or could be used for liner.

I can tell that this will be the perfect color palette for fall. The rose tones are warm and natural.

I have a thing for rosy colors, as documented below:


Chanel Eclosion has a lighter color scheme. The peach is brighter and the burgundy is deeper.


Chanel Harmonie du Soir has a more shimmery finish. The burgundy color is lighter and more metallic than Seduction.


Guerlain Turandot is warmer than Seduction and also has more varied textures.

Chanel Seduction has wonderful pigmentation and applied smoothly. I did experience a bit of fallout from the rose shade, but it was better when I patted the color on instead of sweeping with my brush. I loved the effect on my blue eyes, and I think it would be flattering on green and brown as well. Definitely take a second look at Chanel Seduction if you have passed over this collection.


The Driveller Kate said...

Haha! The minute I saw this I thought, "These shades would look amazing on Martha's baby blues!" So glad you got it :)

Virginie said...

Very nice photo comparisons!!