Friday, August 30, 2013

Tarte Tickled FOTD

I recently repurchased a blush I had gotten rid of awhile back. There is no reason in the head of a fickle makeup lover. Tarte Tickled is a lovely peachy rose. It is on clearance at, so get it while it is still around (and be sure to hang on to it this time, especially if you have commitment issues).

I used Armani Boudoir on my eyes. This palette has a gorgeous combination of peachy shimmer and matte brown colors. YSL Corail in Touch Rouge Volupte Shine was my choice for a brightening peach.

Armani Boudoir, Tarte Tickled, and YSL Corail in Touch:

Swatches in the same order:

Armani Boudior:

Tarte Tickled and YSL Corail in Touch:




Stephanie C. said...

That eye palette!! SO pretty. Love the complete look you put together, too. :)

makeup magpie said...

I have also repurchased things I have gotten rid of, at least a couple of times LOL. That is a pretty blush shade! I like the look you created. Also loving the look of that Armani eye palette! :)