Monday, July 22, 2013

Dior Gri Gri Addict Extreme: Swatches and Review

If I had to pick one lipstick formula for the rest of my life, Dior Addict Extreme would be my choice. The formula is light and glossy without being too slippery. I get up to four hours of wear, and the darker colors fade to an even stain.

Gri Gri is a nude pink color with no shimmer.

I have a few Addict Extremes in light nude colors, so let's compare.


Incognito is a greyed nude pink. Gri Gri is balance of pink and peach tones. Cherie Bow is a rosier pink. St. Tropez is a light peach.

Of all the Addict Extreme colors I have, I'd say that Gri Gri is the most neutral. I used it in this look:

The Too Faced Pretty Rebel palette is on my eyes, and Cargo Los Cabos blush is my cheek color.

Overall, Gri Gri is a lovely versatile nude that will see much love from me :)


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