Monday, March 25, 2013

Lancome Spring 2013: Swatches and Review

Lancome Spring caught me by surprise. I didn't even give it a second look until I was at my sister's house and happened to swatch hers. I ordered my things immediately following that visit!

Pomettes D'Amour Blush in Love is a gorgeous pink and peach mix. You can use either color separately if you wish, or swirl them together. For the $50 price tag, I do wish Lancome had not used cardboard packaging. I still caved :)


The three potted pigments are Persistant Peach- a shimmering peachy pink, Evermore Lilac- a bright bluish purple with silver glitter, and Tremendous Turquoise- a greenish blue shimmer.

I was pleasantly surprised by this color collection. I also ended up getting the Peche Joue- Joue Blush In Love- an equally as pretty pinkish peach color.

Tremendous Turquoise ended up being my favorite eyeshadow of the bunch. Here it is paired with the brown shade in the Chanel Sable-Emouvant duo:




Bellyhead said...

The turquoise is stunning!

partysis said...

Those look so amazing on you! Good call on the turquoise. It didn't flatter me like it does you.

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I picked up Enduring Vert (not spring collection) and am in love. How did the color so pigmented, though? Did you just pack it on or apply it wet?

Martha said...

Nora- I used my finger to pack in on, and I think the light hitting it makes it look brighter too.

LilJeJa said...

Wow i love the persistan peach! Will you swatch Peche joue joue?