Saturday, January 5, 2013

An Eggs-periment

Forgive the terrible pun. This has absolutely nothing to do with beauty, but I found it too interesting to skip.

A carton of Nature's Harvest eggs, but only the white one is Nature's Harvest. I usually buy Eggland's Best or some variant of cage free, vegetarian fed eggs.

Our chickens are brown egg layers called Welsummers. My husband, whose hands are probably prettier than mine:

Our egg is on the left. You immediately notice the deep orange color of the yolk. Also notice how firm the yolk is in comparison to the store bought egg. Even the white is less runny.

Ours is still on the left. Because free range chickens eat what nature intended, their eggs are healthier. They contain less fat and cholesterol and have more vitamin A and omega 3s.

The shell is also much harder to crack. The membrane was thicker than the store bought egg.

The end.


Musing on Beauty said...

I never thought I'd read an egg review on a beauty blog :))) But you're making me sad I don't have my own chickens.

partysis said...

Did they finally stop laying in the woods!? That's great! I started only buying the free range chicken eggs from Kroger and Costco. I've never done a side by side, but now that you mention it, I find they are like the ones you got from your chickens. At least they don't taste any different (to me anyhow)!

BleedingOrchid said...

When I first experienced a farm fresh egg, I found it almost impossible to eat store bought. The coloring wasnt as rich, the flavor wasnt there, and the texture was off. If you can definitely cage free, local, organic are the best imo :) Happy eating !

birkinbagbeauty said...

mmm, delightful sunday morning eggs. I like the pun and I actually used high Nail-tenance today

Bellyhead said...

I can not begin to express how much I love your egg post! Farm eggs are delicious. I wish I had some space to raise some chickens in my yard.