Thursday, January 31, 2013

Urban Decay Theodora Palette: Swatches and Review

I already showed you the Glinda palette here, and I was unable to resist her darker and smoker counterpart for too long. Behold,Theodora:

I am in love with the darker and moodier look of Theodora.

Included with the palette are a Super Saturated gloss pencil, an instructional card, and a 24/7 eyeliner pencil.

Theodora is a bright glossy red.
Zero 24/7 eyeliner is a deep matte black.

The back:

Theodora is largely comprised of neutral browns with a couple fun contrasting colors.

Swatches came out closer to the real coloring than the palette pictures did.

Broken is a matte cream color. Beware is a matte medium warm brown. Bewitch is a deep grayish brown with subtle shimmer. West is a deep warm brown shimmer.
Spell is a duo containing a glittery and patchy black. The golden side of Spell is rich and warm. Jealous is another duo- a medium sage green and a pale yellow green.

Once again I am impressed with Urban Decay's latest release. Theodora has a beautiful combination of shades in a pretty package. Most of the eyeshadows (except the black side of Spell) are rich and smooth to apply. The lip color is not really me, but I love that they included it to complete the look. I hope to get a couple looks with each palette up in the next week.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Urban Decay Glinda Palette: Swatches and Review

Disney has teamed up with Urban Decay for the release of the movie Oz The Great and Powerful. I love a good marketing campaign!

I decided to purchase the Glinda palette. The Theodora palette, which is full of deep smoky browns, is still tempting me though.

Each set contains a palette with 6 pans, an eyeliner, and a lip pencil.

The palette is tin, and has a gorgeous pastel design.

You also get an instruction card for achieving the Glinda look.

The Super Saturated Gloss Pencil is a natural peachy pink.

Rockstar 24/7 Eyeliner is a deep brownish purple.

All pans are removable if you wish.

Two of the shades are split into two separate colors, so you are really getting eight eyeshadow shades.


Tornado is a shimmery warm purple. Aura is a gorgeous iridescent blue on one side and an iridescent pink on the other. I failed to capture the beauty on camera. Magic is a medium bubblegum pink.
Illusion is a light shimmery peach. Oz is a glittery mess of gold on one side and metallic silver on the other. I seriously doubt I will be using this color at all due to the glittery fallout. South is a gorgeous taupe grey shimmer.

I have yet to try this palette on the eyes, but from initial swatches it is beautiful! I love the iridescent quality of Aura and can't wait to try layering it over the other shades. The rich pigment will make South and Tornado a great combination on the eyes. I am less thrilled with the chunky glitter in the Oz duo, but I can deal with one bad color out of the bunch. I will post a look once I have used it. Overall- gorgeous packaging, amazing colors!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

OPI A Butterfly Moment

After seeing OPI A Butterfly Moment on The Beauty Look Book, I knew it was a color I needed to have.

The color is a light pink with soft golden shimmer.

This polish isn't frosty or streaky. When the sun hits my nails, they seem to glow.

If lipstick is my lips but better, this would be my nails but better.

OPI A Butterfly Moment is a unique neutral in my collection. It applies easily and is opaque in two coats. Love!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quads: Enchanted, Cognac Sable, and Burnished Amber

I have three Tom Ford quads to show you.

The packaging is beautiful- shiny brown metal compacts edged with gold, just like the blushes.


Enchanted, on the left, has a newer pan design. The formula is also softer than the other two quads.

All are equally gorgeous in my opinion. Pick my favorite? I may as well pick a favorite child.

Enchanted is a set of light purple and pink neutrals with a deep eggplant brown for depth.

Cognac Sable has a trio of smooth bronzed neutrals along with a shiny copper glitter shade. Burnished Amber pairs a pale and a medium gold with two burgundy shades.


Cognac Sable using all of the colors:

Cognac Sable minus the glitter shade:
Burnished Amber:

I am really happy with my Tom Ford quads. I picked shades that I knew I would use often, thus justifying the crazy price tag in my own head. The pigment is smooth, and they make it easy to put together a sophisticated yet simple look.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

An Eggs-periment

Forgive the terrible pun. This has absolutely nothing to do with beauty, but I found it too interesting to skip.

A carton of Nature's Harvest eggs, but only the white one is Nature's Harvest. I usually buy Eggland's Best or some variant of cage free, vegetarian fed eggs.

Our chickens are brown egg layers called Welsummers. My husband, whose hands are probably prettier than mine:

Our egg is on the left. You immediately notice the deep orange color of the yolk. Also notice how firm the yolk is in comparison to the store bought egg. Even the white is less runny.

Ours is still on the left. Because free range chickens eat what nature intended, their eggs are healthier. They contain less fat and cholesterol and have more vitamin A and omega 3s.

The shell is also much harder to crack. The membrane was thicker than the store bought egg.

The end.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tom Ford Blush Swatches: Wicked, Narcissist, Lovelust

I bought my first Tom Ford blush a couple months ago, and was thoroughly impressed. I ended up getting a couple more, plus some of the eyeshadow quads. I think I need to try a lipstick from the line next.......

Tom Ford blushes come in a shiny brown metal case edged with gold.


Inside is a soft pan full of blush goodness.

Lovelust is probably the softest out of the bunch- see the brush marks?

Wicked is a raspberry pink with golden shimmer. Narcissist is an intense matte fuschia. Lovelust is a peach with golden shimmer.

All apply so flawlessly that they melt right into the skin. These are buttery soft and have great pigmentation.





I am absolutely smitten with Tom Ford blushes! The packaging and product is definitely luxurious and has the quality that I expect from the high price tag.