Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chanel Frivole Joues Contraste: Swatches and Review

Chanel Spring 2013 gives us a beautiful peach blush.


Frivole is described as apricot. I don't have a solid understanding of the differences between apricot, salmon, coral, and peach, but Frivole is the least reddish peach or pink peach color I own.


Sorry, but she has been broken in.

Finger swatched on the left, and brush swatched on the right.

You can see the clear peach color, lacking in brown undertones, on the skin.

I seem to have an extensive peach family of blushes.

Illamasqua Excite is much brighter and more coral. NARS Liberte is slightly redder.
Chanel Espeigle is much more sheer and pink toned. Chanel In Love is pinker than Frivole.

Frivole has the lovely soft texture and natural finish that I expect from Chanel. This bright apricot will flatter a wide range of skin tones. Frivole is a gorgeous choice for spring!


Sharlynn said...

It is such a beautiful pure peach! This would be excellent for a fresh cheek! ^^

Rupert Lilly said...

Is this perm or LE

LilJeJa said...

I think it's perm.