Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld Holiday Palettes: Swatches and Review

Creepy Dora has arrived.
Shu Uemura looked to Karl Lagerfeld for their holiday collection inspiration, and he has given us Mon Shu Girl, Dora's younger and sluttier sister.

Mon Shu Girl is watching us, even when we apply our makeup. See the silhouette on the mirror?

Outer weirdness aside, these palettes are gorgeous on the inside.

Both are a combination of rich shimmers and complex glitter shadows. Each have a tiny blush pan as well.

Smoky Velvet is definitely the more glittery palette.

Starting on the left, the first pan is a black with bluish glitter. The middle pan on the left is a blingtastic white glitter with blue and green iridescence. The bottom left pan is a yellow gold glitter. The top right has my favorite shade in the palette, a rich olive green with golden shimmer. The middle right is an iridescent mint green. The bottom right is a pinkish berry meant to be used as blush.

The colors in Smoky Velvet are gorgeous and all were so smooth upon application- even the glitters! I think the massive glitter will keep it from being an everyday palette. I do wish the black was a matte. I can't wait to use the gorgeous greens on the right though.

When I swatched Prestigious Bordeaux, I could hear the angels singing. I have never touched such smooth and buttery pans of eyeshadow.

The top left pan is a rich warm purple with amazing shimmer. The middle left color is a pink tinged lilac shimmer. The pan on the bottom left is a light coppery gold. The top right is an amazingly bright copper shimmer. The middle pan is a soft satin beige. On the bottom right, there is a warm red matte blush pan.

I don't want to be unfair to Dora, but if I had a favorite child, her name rhymes with Brestigious Cordeaux. I hope Smoky Velvet doesn't kill me in my sleep now......

The complex shimmer and buttery textures in these Shu Uemura palettes makes it hard to go wrong with either one. For further beautiful swatches, please visit Drivel About Frivol. For a look showcasing Prestigious Bordeaux, visit Mira Sundari.



MrsCassizzleSparkles said...

The colors on Prestigious Bordeaux look absolutely lovely, even if freaky Dora is on the packaging. Thanks for the swatches!!

makeup magpie said...

Creepy Dora lol :) Prestigious Bordeaux looks gorgeous. I especially love the look of the dark purple shade!

Anna Ho said...

Ohhh they look so pretty. I like the packaging. lol I`ve never tried any Shu products before!

Tsarina said...

I Love Shu uemura!