Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fyrinnae Loose Eyeshadow Swatches


I am sure I have swatched my Fyrinnae collection a long time ago, so I thought I should update with a more recent set of pictures. I wish I had gotten better pictures, but some of the complexities are hard to catch in a photo.
Dinosaur Plushie is a light silver that mainly consists of blue and purple iridescent glitter. This one is pure bling that works well as an accent. Moon Child is a light white gold color with a satin finish. This is an excellent inner corner brightener. Platinum in a golden pewter metallic shade. Damn Paladins is a light grey with blue shimmer. This is a very unique color, and it can be subtly patted on or built up for more impact. Envy Me is a brownish taupe with a soft greenish sheen that I failed to capture.
The Amo is a light grey with coppery pink shimmer. This color looks like a glowing sunset when patted on over Pixie Epoxy. Steampunk is a deep brown with silver and gold shimmer. Fire Opal is a deep brow n with intense bronze shimmer. This is an absolute favorite that I should probably use more often. Kung Pao is a softer brown with coppery shimmer. Conjuror is an Arcane Magic color which means that its has an intense color shift. It is a reddish color with a greenish blue shift. Sake & Sashimi is a shimmery copper bronze with blue sparkles.
Polar Bear is a light shimmery gold. Rapunzel Had Extensions is a light peach with golden shimmer. Pyromantic Erotica is an intense yellowed gold with an orange duo chrome effect. Red Panda is a shimmery red orange. Sugar Skulls is a warm pink with golden shimmer. Daemon's Tail is a dusky purple with copper shimmer. It is everything that MAC Trax wishes it could be. Dark Magik is an intense fuchsia tinged burgundy color with blue and lavender sparkles. This one is so intense.

Herbivore is bluish purple with aqua shimmer. Meerkat is a warmer purple with gold shimmer. Cupcake Sprinkles is an intense lavender with aqua shimmer. Leshii is muted greyish purple with very subtle shimmer. Sleepy Hollow is a deep turquoise with green shimmer. Dragon's Wing is a shimmery grass green. We're All Mad Here is a shimmery Chartreuse green. Lucky Charmed is an antique gold color with some green tones.


I will be posting some looks with my Fyrinnae in the next week. I love rediscovering old favorites!

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Emi at Project Swatch said...

I love Fyrinnae! Great swatches :)