Saturday, September 1, 2012

Paul & Joe Lovebird Blush: Swatches and Review

Paul & Joe's Love Story Collection for fall has an irresistible trio of blush.

I am a huge fan of Paul & Joe Beauté's whimsical packaging, but I have never tried any of the products until now.

All three Lovebird blushes come in a cardboard package with a different print.

I really want to just stare at them lovingly.

Inside the cute package is a plastic insert with a tiny brush. I won't even bother testing the brush since I prefer my NARS Yachiyo for blush application.

Here is the inside, each blush comprised of two different shades:

I will admit that birds and adorable packaging were a large part of my purchase, but the blush quality is quite nice too!

Love Story is a cool toned bright pink. Les Tourtereaux is a dusty plum pink. Inseparables is a pinky peach color. All blushes have a slight sheen that translates into a healthy glow. I would describe them as satin finish.

Love Story seemed very cool toned until I compared it to some other colors. Chanel Rose Tourbillon is brighter and cooler in tone. NARS Gaiety is an icy pastel pink with no shimmer.

Les Tourtereaux is a natural pink. Chanel Rose Petale is pinker, and NARS Outlaw is more reddish with golden shimmer.

Inseparables is a pinky peach with shimmer. Chanel Espeigle is more peach. NARS Orgasm is pinker with heavier gold shimmer.

I haven't tested these blushes for wear time, but they were very natural on the cheeks. They apply easily and build for more color. I am enjoying my Lovebird blushes, and I foresee more purchases from the Paul & Joe line.



Liz said...

Wow, I adore the packaging and the blushes look so pretty! Love <3

Lu Maquiyonkis said...

Paul & Joe packaging is always so nice :)
The blush I like the most is Inseparables but I'm not sure they worth the money :/

Erin Harte-Stovell said...

These look gorgeous! Love the packaging and the blush design. I may have to peek a little closer! Thanks for sharing these! The comparisons are also helpful.

Buggsiebee said...

Great comparison post:))
Gosh I love these!
Although I wasn't sure about the coloring of les Tourtereaux I liked it's packaging most, so it jumped into the basket with the other two & I'm so happy it did because it ended up being my fave:)

Passing fancy (Sara) said...

cuteness overload <3