Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Benefit Ultra Plush Lipgloss and Box O' Powder Sets

Benefit recently made matching lipgloss for their popular Box O' Powder colors. Each Ultra Plush Gloss comes in a tube that matches the design of the corresponding powder.

The Ultra Plush Glosses are all sheer and lightly fruity in smell. The gloss is very smooth and not a bit thick or sticky.

Bella Bamba blush is a light watermelon color with silvery shimmer. Bella Bamba gloss is a warmer pink. The gloss is sheer and non shimmery. It gives a light healthy pink color to the lips.

Sugarbomb powder is a shimmery light peach that layers well over other blushes. Sugarbomb gloss is a cool baby pink with silvery shimmer. This is a very flattering glossy color.


Coralista blush is a shimmery golden coral. Coralista gloss is a medium peach color. It gives a healthy natural color to the lips.

Dallas blush is a rosy bronze. Dallas gloss is a brownish pink, and the most opaque out of the bunch. It is a great "My Lips But Better" shade.

Dandelion blush is a light baby pink. Dandelion gloss is a milky light pink with some shimmer. This has the least color out of the group.

These were too cute for me to resist, and I have been enjoying them. They are great of you prefer a light and low maintenance gloss color!


DianaLuv said...

I think dandelion looks really pretty. I honestly don't understand the obsession with coralista...

Dovey said...

Wow, so many box o powder sets! The one I really was interested in was Dandelion. The name and color are so pretty. MLBB is my MO too :)

Alex said...

I love Bella Bamba blush but I haven't tried any of the lipglosses yet. X