Sunday, June 3, 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain: Swatches and Review

Just when you thought titles couldn't get longer, I present you with Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. Thankfully the color names are short and sweet.

L-R: Charm, Rendezvous, Honey, Darling, Cherish, Lovesick, Smitten, Crush

These balms come in a giant twist up plasric tube with a silver end cap. The color of the tube matches the color inside, which is extremely handy.

I liked the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters, but with some reservations. The lip butters were slightly drying, and the lighter colors highlighted dryness and imperfections. Not Balm Stains! (Click here to see my swatches of Balm Stains compared to Lip Butters.)

The Balm Stains are moisturizing on my lips. They have a slight gloss that fades in the first hour. The stain lasts quite a long time, along with a low gloss finish. The darker colors provide the longest lasting stain, but the lighter ones provide nice color as well.

On the lips, some of the colors are very similar. Darling and Cherish are close, and Lovesick and Smitten look alike too.

I wiped my arm lightly with a tissue to show some of the stain left behind:

I am so pleased with the Revlon Balm Stains! They have less slip and gloss than the Lip Butters, but they provide hydration and a beautiful stain. Highly recommended!

Her are the stains I have been able to get a picture of:








Emi at Project Swatch said...

I love these so much! My favorite is Romantic, I think.

Maquiyonkis said...

Wow! I Like Rendezvous the most :D

TamaraB♡ said...

I can't wait to try these out! Crush looks so pretty. I was hesitant to get one, because the colors didn't really do it for me, but swatched and even on you, look amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Eve said...

I really like rendezvous and crush!

The Driveller Kate said...

*shields eyes* NO, not more fancy crap! D: Oh lord I see at least five I need

Norelis Ocasio said...

Great post.

Michelle said...

I was just scrolling through, but I have to say your makeup looks sooo pretty when you're wearing Darling! xx

RileyMariesMom said...

I love Smitten and Rendezvous. I think I need to pick them to for my upcoming trip. They look easy to wear.


Love this eye make up of yours! Do you do tutorials? tkx, xoxo