Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NARS Liberte: Swatches and Review

Being a sucker for marketing trendy consumer, I have been on coral and peach overload lately. NARS came out with a new blush for summer that I had to add to my collection.

Liberte is described as a burnished apricot, and I don't have much to add to that description. It is nearly matte, with a touch of shimmer that mostly disappears outside of the pan.

Liberte immediately spotted a couple friends. She is trendy without being ridiculous or overt. Her friend Illamasqua Excite is a bit of an attention seeker though. "Look at me! I am coral! Please validate my existence!" Meanwhile, the demure Chanel Malice is appalled. She actually gasped when she saw Excite's see through top. Malice plays it safe. She is a classic who never follows the trends too closely.

Wait, you don't have scenarios in which your cosmetics are BFFs?

Illamasqua Excite is a truly matte, vibrant coral. Liberte has a touch more brown, and is a nicely muted salmon. Chanel Malice is a pinkish coral with more shimmer than Liberte.

I have yet to test Liberte on my cheeks, but I have high hopes. It was soft and buildable to swatch. The muted quality should translate to a natural bronzed peach on the cheeks. I will try to post a look in a few days to show how NARS Liberte looks on fair skin.




Lola D said...

Thanks for posting! Malice looks so pink compared to true corals!

Dovey said...

I think Liberte is the star of the NARS summer collection (though sadly I can't wear NARS blush). It really seems like the perfect peachy tan, which I've enjoyed seeing on faces this year. It has a very new-england /I-was-outside-playing-lacrosse type feel :)

Musing on Beauty said...

I am SO glad you are reviewing Liberté because I keep pondering it and wondering if I need it considering I own Illamasqua Excite. Can't wait to see it on you to make a decision!

Makeup Magpie said...

Thanks for posting! I ordered Liberte although I was afraid it might be too warm and dark, but it looks pretty & wearable in your swatch :-)