Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lancôme Rouge in Love Round Up

I have purchased a few more Lancôme Rouge in Loves, and I thought I should picture them all together. My original review can be found here, and pictures of them on the lips are here.

I am still loving these! They are definitely long wearing but feel weightless on the lips.

The texture is like a lighter version of Armani Rouge D'Armani, except when these set they feel lighter. They also have more slip and tend to be less drying on me.

I do wish that Lancôme could ditch the numbers and letter and just use a name. I find it much harder to remember a number, and then names aren't on the bottom of the tube.

Ever So Sweet and Roses in Love both have a subtle shimmer. The rest of the shades are creams.

Ever So Sweet is a shimmering peach. Corail in Love is a corally pink cream. Roses in Love is a cool toned shimmering light fuchsia. Sweet Embrace is a light bubblegum pink cream. Lasting Kiss is a pink beige cream.

These left a stain after I wiped them off, and I had trouble removing it. On the lips they last for at least 6 hours. When I reapply, I do find I need to wipe any residue from my lips to ensure a smooth second coat.

Rouge in Love gives a long lasting and comfortable finish. All of my choices so far have been easily flattering colors. They add brightness without looking harsh and don't leave my lips dry. I also love the beautiful embellished silver tube. Well played Lancôme!




Becca said...

I dislike the numbers too, it makes it hard to keep track. I do like that they are numbered in the international market as well, with the same system. Makes my job easier. Glad you like them so much! I love them too.

Dovey said...

Hi Martha, thank you so much for your nice comment on my post today; I really really appreciated it!

I'm quite impressed at the size of your Lancome Rouge in Love collection--- I've only heard good things about Rouge in Love. Ever so sweet might be my favorite from your collection- what a happy peachy coral :)