Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chanel Malice and Tumulte: Swatches and Review

Malice, Tumulte, Pink Explosion? It all sounds a bit crazy, but it is just another release of blush for Chanel.

I originally reviewed Pink Explosion here, so I didn't take another picture for this post.

Malice is a pinked coral with silver shimmer. The shimmer isn't completely milled into the finish of the blush, a bit like In Love or the original Pink Explosion.

Tumulte is a light cool pink with a subtle sheen. It has the standard formula I have come to expect from Joues Contraste blushes- soft, smooth, and glowing.

Tumulte is lighter and cooler than Pink Explosion. It is also less saturated than Rose Tourbillon. Blush Horizon is a warmer pink than Tumulte. Tumulte is less sparkly than her pink friends.



Malice is more coral than peach. It doesn't lean as pink as Horizon, but it has just enough to pink to set it apart from the peach category.

Malice is pinker and deeper than Espiegle. It is very similar in finish and depth to In Love, but it is also more pink. Horizon is much pinker and lighter by comparison.

I am excited to see Chanel release such wearable colors in time for Spring, and I will be sharing a few pictures of them on my cheeks as I get the chance!






Christina said...

Thanks for the photos and review :) Do you know how Malice compares to NARS Amour? I am trying to decide between them!

Martha said...

I wish I still had Amour to compare. I think they would be close in color, but I had to use much less care when applying Malice. I had to use a skunk and be very careful with Amour.