Tuesday, January 17, 2012

School's Back in Session


I recently had an extended period of laziness holiday break from homeschooling the kids. I have managed to start some kind of routine this week, so maybe you'd like to see how this works.

Here in the living room, we have the constant piles of laundry. I try to run two loads daily to keep the hamper in check.

On the couch, someone is playing with the math blocks.......

John! Notice the underwear- he was potty trained recently.

In the kitchen, the boys are excited to be doing some work. Don't they look super excited? Okay maybe excited isn't the right word.....

We do most of our work at the kitchen table while the baby naps.

I recently started drinking tea in the afternoon. I miss my afternoon coffee though.

Well, that's all I am going to show you for now. The boys room covered in Legos will be another day.


LauraJean396 said...

Martha, this is a very small piece of your post, but does that book that helps your child read really help. My son does a mostly fantastic job but he struggles and gets down on himself easily. I am looking for ways to boost his confidence.

Martha said...

It was great in teaching mine to read, and it says it goes all the way to a 2nd grade level. I'd give it a try- both boys have thought it was pretty fun also.

Musing on Beauty said...

I love the idea of homeschooling (maybe because I'm a former junior high teacher?), it's something extremely uncommon here but when I see how some things are done in schools, I can totally see why you'd want to do it yourself, providing you can! (I know that in America, though, this is often a question of not having schools in some areas etc...)