Friday, January 20, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicata and Starina: Swatches and Review

 These are the last two Rouge Bunny Rouge blushes I have to show you. I have reviewed Gracilis, Orpheline, and Habanera already (click on the names to be taken to their reviews).

 Delicata and Starina are the neutral stars of the Rouge Bunny Rouge collection.

Delicata is a satin light nude pink.

It gives an understated color that looks natural and matches nearly everything. I couldn't find anything totally similar in my blush collection.

I did manage to find a near dupe in my bronzers though!


Starina is a bronzed peach with a satin finish.

 Once again, I couldn't find anything too similar in my blushes.

 I dug into my bronzers again and found Dior Aurora. Pretty close!

 Rouge Bunny Rouge blushes are among my favorites. They apply smoothly without kicking up lots of powder. The lasting power is wonderful! and I love the soft finishes without shimmer or glitter. 

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Musing on Beauty said...

I have Starina, it took me a long time to appreciate it but I find that now that it's Winter, I find it works extremely well with a red lip and a very understated eye.