Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Bejewelled Skylark: Swatches and Review

I have another versatile beauty from Rouge Bunny Rouge to show you. 
Bejewelled Skylark is a deep bronzed brown.  The texture is smooth and the shadow is very pigmented. Bejewelled Skylark has a shimmery finish, but it isn't overly shiny. I find it adds rich color in the crease without  screaming for attention. 
Here are my closest comparisons:
Too Faced Ever After from the Romantic Palette is a bit cooler in tone and full of chunky shimmer.  Urban Decay Smog is a warmer and lighter color with a shinier finish. Notice the gold tones in Smog in contrast to the red tones in Bejewelled Skylark even though both are warm browns.
I have found Bejewelled Skylark to be a very versatile color, adding depth to the crease or creating a bronze smoky eye. This color is worth adding to your collection if you love a rich brown!

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Musing on Beauty said...

That's another one that I love and that I think doesn't receive enough love on the blogosphere! Thanks for bringing it up!