Saturday, November 12, 2011

Armani Jacquard Face and Eye Palettes: Swatches and Review

Besides a couple lipsticks, I have not explored Armani much.  I do have one blush swatched here, and I LOVE the Rouge D'Armani lipsticks (reviewed here).  The Fall Jacquard Collection caught my attention, but I waited long enough to catch a discount last month.  

The Jacquard Face and Green Eye Palette come in the same size compact as the blushes do.  They are round and slightly tapered around the middle of the outside edge.

 Both palettes have four separate colors with a basket weave texture.

 The colors are shimmery greyed beige, an iridescent mint green, a dirty olive green, and a matte eggplant color.  All are very soft and slightly sheer.  I had no problem building the color intensity except on the purple.  This one took some more work, but the outcome was worth it.  I love the combination of colors along with the subtle shimmering textures.
The Jacquard Face Palette has a bit more shimmer than the Eye Palette.  I swatched the colors separately to the left, then together in the middle.  The last swatch on the right is the top three colors swirled together.  This palette makes a beautiful light shimmery pink when mixed, and can also be used without the red for a champagne highlight color.  I found this to be more shimmery than a subtle highlighter, but not as over the top as NARS Albatross or theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer.   It also does not have any glitter particles in the finish.

I am very happy with the looks I have been able to create with both of these palettes.  If you can still hunt them down, I would take a look!

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Dovey said...

I love the green palette--- the combination of the optimistic mint with the more subdued darker shades is really beautiful