Saturday, July 23, 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette Swatches and Review

Yes, like a huge sucker I bought yet another Urban Decay palette. It was shiny.

Out of the plastic cover:

The shiny metal case comes encased in a velvet box.

I am so glad Urban Decay went with sleek useful packaging on this one. The eyeshadow pans are in an insert that lifts out. If you ever finish this palette, you will be left with a nice velvet lined box for jewelry or makeup. No goofy pop ups or bulky drawers here!

The side has nice scroll work that shows off the purple underneath. Fancy.

So freakin pretty. The combination of colors is awesome.

My OCD loves how they did a line of light neutrals, a line of colors, and a line of deeper neutrals. I enjoy order more than the average person. I am also liking the longer pan shape, just like the Naked Palette.

The colors really glow in the sun light.

Midnight Rodeo is a taupey brown with huge silver glitter chunks. The shame, Urban Decay! Midnight 15 is a light silvery taupe. Vanilla is a light golden white. Flow is a shimmery peach. Chase is a light bronze.

Tainted is a light pinkish purple with golden shimmer. Junkshow is a hot pink with a lilac flash. Omen is a purple with a blue iridescence. Evidence is a deep blackened shimmery blue. Deep End is a shimmery turquoise.

Deeper is a shimmery bronzed brown. MIA is a deep dark brown with a subtle shimmer. Ace is a deep gunmetal gray with shimmer. Blackout is a matte black. Half Truth is a dusty deep shimmery purple.

Overall this palette is great! Almost every color is full of pigment and applies smoothly in one swipe. I did think Evidence and Tainted were a tiny bit chalky compared to the others, but they still apply decently. I love the range of finishes- matte, satin, and high shimmer. Midnight Rodeo is the only one I found to have obnoxious glitter fallout.

If you love Urban Decay and aren't already overloaded with palettes, this is a must have. Tomorrow I will post comparisons with my Book of Shadows colors (the ones I still have from my depotting job) and my Naked Palette.


Y said...

OMGG! I love urban decay palettes :)

Charisse said...

The palette looks great! Your swatches always creates new lemmings for me :)

Passing fancy said...

Gosh,it looks great! what's the price for it ?:)

Replica said...

That is indeed shiny, I think my little boy would love to get his hands all over that! It looks really nice, with a great mix of shades, I'll make sure to check that out when it comes out here.

Kristie said...

Thank you for the swatches of this palette. I'm glad that UD moved away from making a palette that's full of chunky glitter fallout shades. This does seem a lot more promising.