Monday, July 4, 2011

For Those About to Rock..... Chanel Graphite

I admit, my title was much cooler before I googled and found out graphite was not a rock. But Chanel does rock, so I am leaving it anyway.

I recently indulged in Chanel's Fall polish called Graphite. It was sparkly and Chanel, and after that I kind of just mindlessly found myself pressing the order button online.

A few days later I received a pretty little package. Graphite is a sparkly gray foil with tons of silver shimmer and some golden shimmer depending on the light. My fingers look like liquid metal. Graphite applied evenly in two coats with no streaky brush marks. I have worn this color for a few days with absolutely no chips, which is saying a lot since I have been washing my hands constantly with the new little one.

Here she is next to Black Pearl, which is much more blue toned.

To sum this review up, Chanel we salute you.

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