Friday, July 22, 2011

Bobbi Brown Sand Tortoise Shell Palette Swatches and Review

Being a ho for neutrals and a classic look, I think I am Bobbi Brown's target market. Bobbi always finds a way to make neutrals even more exciting and fresh.

This is the Sand Tortoise Shell Palette. There is also a Bronze Palette, which I reluctantly did not purchase.

It is a double layer set of matte and shimmer eye shadows.

The bottom pulls out like a little drawer.

I will tell you that of course I love the design, but my 7 year old son asked if he could have it when I was done. He thought it would be pretty cool to store things in.

Ivory is a softly matte white. Hot Stone s a matte gray taupe. Terracotta is a soft matte peach. Desert Sand is a smooth light gold shimmer.

Antique Rose is a matte brownish pink. Black Chocolate is a matte deep blackened brown. Sandy Rose is a shimmery beige taupe. Gold Bar is a super shimmery white gold.

There is not a dud in the bunch. All have great pigment and a smooth texture. They are all shades I would use regularly.

Bobbi says the palette is meant to layer colors until you reach the desired intensity without blending. I definitely blended, but these colors melt into each other perfectly. They don't blend away and lose their identity though.

One last look:

Win, huge win!


LauraJean396 said...

That sure is purdy! I love the overall look of the swatches... the peachy corals are great addition to the others

evelyn said...

What a beautiful palette. And great swatches; do you know if the colors can be bought individually? or is it exclusively for this palette?


Martha said...

Evelyn, I believe Karlasugar has info on her site as to which are new and which can be bought individually. I do have a single of Black Chocolate, so not all are exclusive to this palette.