Monday, June 13, 2011

Why I Heart Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm

I love Burt's Bees and have been using their products for years. Ever since my boyfriend (now husband) introduced me to the original lip balm, I was hooked.

Now Burt has a tinted lip balm, for the beauty junkie like me.

Small side note: thank you for sealing the end of the tube so I don't come home with a tested lip product!

Inside the cardboard tube is a feel good saying.

The tubes themselves are nothing fancy, just your standard chap stick size. I would prefer a colored cap so they are easier to tell apart.

I chose three colors from the range. I think I saw about 5 or 6 different options.

Hibiscus is a coral, Tiger Lily is a light peach, and Pink Blossom is a cool pink.

These smell like bubblegum, and have a nice slip. They aren't horribly pigmented, but I noticed the color on my lips and also saw a slight stain left behind after applying them a few times. I think these will be perfect for summer since I prefer wearing balm to heavier lipsticks and glosses. For $6.99 these are worth checking out!


Y said...

OH WOW, i didn't know that the cardboard thing was just a covering! I never wanted one because I thought that the cardboard was way too bulky

LauraJean396 said...

Oh wow! I'm impressed. Those are very pretty. I wanna try them. I've never bough them because of all that cardboard!!