Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some Swatches and a FOTD

Here is an old look that I really liked. I never got around to posting it or pictures of the things I used.

I used the usual face products so I am not listing that here.

I used Chanel Berry-Rose Duo on the eyes with a touch of Bobbi Brown Black Chocolate in the outer V area. I love the Ombre Contraste Duos from Chanel- so soft, smooth, and full of pigment. The color combinations are foolproof as well.

I used Armani Blush #10 on the cheeks. It is a very unique color for me. It is a peachy rose color with a slight sheen. Lovely and natural and also foolproof. I want to try more from the Armani blush range now!

I decided to pick up one more Rouge D'Armani in a pale nude pink. 103 is a great natural lip color and I love the formula (reviewed here).


PerilouslyPale said...

I think I need Rouge d'Armani 103!! Beautiful look!

Red lips, Black hair said...

You look so pretty!

Rachel said...

Nice call on picking up 103. And OMG, I'm obsessed with the Chanel OC duos. They're genius, in my book. Love Berry Rose, and I love what you did with it! :) xxx

Martha said...

Rachel- you are the one who made me finally buy this duo :) Love it!