Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chanel Lilium Quad: Swatches and Review

**updated thoughts at bottom**
While on my recent Chanel kick, I decided to get the Lilium quad. I like it, but I can't say it is true love.

The colors are beautiful, light and glowing. They do tend to be sheer though, and I experienced some fallout with application.

I really love the color combination here- light pink, light yellow, deep green, and taupe. Here is how it compares to other colors I have already:

The pink in Enigma is more of a candy pink and deeper than Lilium. Rajasthan is much more blackened than it appears in this picture. The taupe in Lilium is cooler and almost purplish compared to Enigma. I have nothing like the yellow to compare it to.

Overall it is a decent quad. I don't dislike it, but for the money I wish it were more pigmented and smooth.

**update** After playing with this quad more, I can say I really do love it. The sheerness of the colors really work when they are layered together. My favorite combination I came up with is deep green on outer half of lid, yellow on inner half of lid, pink on inner corners, and taupe in the crease. The combination of the green and yellow make an eye catching glow on the lids. I wish I could capture it better on camera.


PerilouslyPale said...

I wasn't wowed by Lilium either. I've posted a couple times about my indecision with it. It is good for a soft look but I don't tend to favour those but I know a lot of other do.

lexi920 said...

I still think about this palette. I have swatched it and I actually like it on my NC42 skintone. Maybe I don't love it as much either otherwise, I would have bought it by now, right?