Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chanel Bronze Rose Soleil Tan de Chanel: Swatches and Review

I ended up getting Chanel's Summer bronzer offering (and some other things) in addition to the Dior Aurora. One can never have too much Chanel apparently.....

Chanel has two multicolored bronzers this summer. I chose Bronze Rose over Bronze Corail. It seems to be lighter in the swatches I have seen, and the rose tone is very flattering for light skin.

Here is the bronzer compact next to an eyeshadow quad so you can see the size. The interlocking C logo is in gold instead of white. Y U so fancy Chanel?

Open prettiness:

The picture above is a bit more accurate. This one got a little washed out:

Now on to the comparisons:

Chanel Bronze Rose is an even mix of rose and bronze tones. Bobbi Brown Antigua is more like a blush- it is pink and shimmery. Dior Aurora is a mix of peach and bronze. I love them all and I am glad to say they are different enough to own all three.

Here is a picture of the Chanel on my cheeks. I am using the Lilium Quad on my eyes and Chanel Romance Rouge Coco Shine.

I love this bronzer as an easy blush that will warm up the skin and go with many different looks. Check it out if you are looking for a versatile summer cheek color.


Catanya said...

I can tell why you love it! You look prettier than ever!

poufee said...

Argh! I am trying to be good. I got the Aurora and absolutely love it. I am so tempted to get the Chanel too, your pics are making me want to cave!

Do you have a preference?

Martha said...

Thanks Catanya!

poufee- I'd say probably the Chanel is my favorite only by a little. I like that it is pink enough to use alone as blush.

With love, Ana. said...

I love this Chanel blush, but it`s sold out everywhere in my country :(

Rei said...

Hi Martha, what a great blog you've got! Love your taste in beauty as well as your FOTDs, you look so pretty :)