Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dior Aurora Bronzer Swatches and Review

Dior is a relatively new brand for me, but I have enjoyed my discoveries.

I ordered the new Aurora Summer Bronzer when they had a promotion for free gift wrap and 2nd day shipping. It was fun to open a little present to myself!

The bronzer comes in a velvet pouch with a tiny pocket for the brush.

It has a gorgeous silver mirrored finish.

I am a sucker for Dior's elegant packaging and quilted powders.

The bronzer is made up of peach, beige, and golden colors placed to look like a basket weave. There is a slight shimmer on some of the pieces.

This gives a very natural peach bronzed look. It is nearly impossible to overdo even on my pale skin.

This is heavy on the left and blended outwards toward the right. I used it on the cheeks and all over in this FOTD.

I highly recommend Dior Aurora for the summer. It is perfect for pale skin or for those new to bronzer. It is also quite gorgeous to look at!

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Y said...

Thats so pretty! I think that it might go a little orange on my skin though :(