Monday, May 30, 2011

Becca Guava Beach Tint Swatches and Review

Becca has a new Beach Tint out with their summer collection this year. Guava is described as a fresh coral pink shade.

I already love Beach Tints, and I couldn't wait to try this new color. My original review is here.

Guava has a light fruity scent that fades quickly. On me it is mostly light pink with a slight coral warmth.

This makes for a lovely pink cheek color. It is long wearing and very easy to apply and blend. I will be using Guava a lot this summer!


PerilouslyPale said...

pretty pretty pretty pretty!!! I must get some Beach Tints!

Nora Schu said...

Wow what a gorgeous color!


productdoctor said...

Have to check these out, have been reading so much about them lately!

Y said...

This looks so pretty! I definitely want to try them out

Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup said...

I really want to get some of these. I think this is the color I would choose too! Thanks for the great review.

LauraJean396 said...

Looks stunning! I have been meaning to get more beach tints! :D