Saturday, April 30, 2011

Becca Sylph Soft Touch Blush: A Natural Pink Glow

My love for Becca is no secret. I love the textures, colors, packaging, and the natural beauty aesthetic they cater to.

Sylph Soft Touch Blush is another great product.

Sylph is a light neutral pink- not too warm or cool toned.

It has silver shimmers which do not show after I apply it.

This blush has a soft, slightly powdery texture, but it never appears chalky on the face.

On my cheeks it gives a nice pink glow that matches a wide range of looks.

I am fairly pale and love this blush, but I think this color would be lost on a deeper complexion. Pale girls should definitely check out Becca Sylph!

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Passing fancy said...

i love becca too! great skin products..but the prices are a bit high and it's difficult to find.