Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips Review and Pictures

I must say, I am quite impressed with Ms. Sally Hansen, if that is her real name.

These are thin polish strips that stick onto your nails and are supposed to last over a week.

What do you get in your tiny $8 box?

A bag with instructions, a nail file/buffer, orange wood stick, and two sealed packs of nail strips.

How cute is the file? That was rhetorical.

There are 8 strips of varying size in each pack.

Notice how long these are. I was able to cut each strip in half for my short nails.

They are covered by a thin clear film on top, and have a thicker white backing that peels off also.

I used Misbehaved for my first strips mani. On a side note, I hate the word mani. Pedi is even worse. Use a full word people! Is it so hard to not abbrev. everything?

Here is what I ended up with after about 20 minutes. This was seriously uncomplicated.

Jump to Day 4:

A tiny bit of tip wear and some wrinkling at the cuticle. They are still shiny and awesome overall. I didn't do as hot of a job lining up my thumb nail:

On to Day 6:

Will these things ever chip? I really want to change my polish.

You must know that I am hard on my hands- bathing small children, making dinner, and other general housewife slavery. I have never had a manicure last over 3-4 days. Ever.

In short, Sally Hansen has preformed a small miracle with strips. I used no base or top coat, and finally decided to remove these after Day 6 because I was bored. I think they would have grown out before I removed them.

At $8-10 a piece, these can seem steep, but I managed to use coupons and BOGO to get 2 boxes for $8 recently. Keep an eye out for sales. I would also like to point out that I used 5 strips total for this manicure since I cut them in half. Each box has 16 strips, leaving me with 2 more full manicures and possibly an accent nail or two.

Sally Hansen, thank you!!


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Amanda said...

my manicures never last more than 3 days on me either, so these look fantastic! gonna pick these up at cvs if i can!

partysis said...

You slut! Now I have to buy these! Argh! I just bought becca enigma too because of your swatches alone!

lexi920 said...

Nice, I do need to give this a try!