Monday, January 10, 2011

Becca Avalon Palette Swatches and Review

I have been dabbling in the Becca brand lately and liking it! It seems to be geared towards natural and minimal makeup which is right up my alley. I also like the sleek simplistic packaging.

The Avalon Palette has Doeskin and Tweed powder shadows, Quartz cream shadow, Turkish Rose cream blush, and Babarella cake liner.

It also contains a dual ended brush and a large mirror.

Doeskin is a light brown with very subtle shimmer. Tweed is a deeper neutral brown with subtle shimmer. Quartz is a shimmering pinkish champagne color. Turkish Rose is a light brownish pink. Barbarella is a matte black.

I love the shadow choices together. They give a soft polished look without looking overdone. They also blend fantastically. Quartz does crease slightly by the end of the day even with primer, so I just used it for the inner corners of my eye and brow bone to give a bright look.

Turkish Rose needed a few layers to show, even on my pale skin. It definitely did not last long either. I wound up using MAC Blushbaby over it the next day, and it gave the perfect flushed look and lasted until I washed my makeup off.

I haven't had success with the cake liner yet, but I am not a cake liner user either. I will try with a different brush again later.

Overall I love this palette for a natural look. The shades compliment my coloring, and I could see pulling out this palette when I want a simple daily look. Love Becca!


Musing on Beauty said...

Nooo I can't lem any more Becca, particularly eyeshadows :((

ModestyBrown said...

This palette looks lovely. I recently got the Enigma palette and really like it. It's interesting that Turkish Rose takes a bit of work. It's one of the creme blushers that I've been keen to try for a while. Thanks for the swatches.
Jane x