Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back To (Home)School

Here are my boys on their first day of school. I joined a group this year that meets weekly, so they did actually go to classes for their first day.

Nathan is a bit camera shy, and he loves his blankets.

This is possibly a real smile above.

But really Mom, enough with the pictures.

Samuel has caught something interesting before photo time.

He is a ham for the camera. Note the dark on his chin- it is a nice bruise from falling while playing in the goat pen.

The thing is trying to come out of this hands.

Aww, cute froggy.

John loves to climb on anything right now.

My sweet baby is growing up too fast.

Look at that mischievous smile.

Here is a great cheek profile.



xtyn said...

awww so lovely!

Wendy said...

Oh your boys are lovely!
How blessed you must feel to look into those gorgeous faces everyday!

Thank you for a lovely post today!

lexi920 said...

so adorable!

Yeah, I often feel that the smiles my daughter gives me when she wakes up is the best gift in the world!