Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Rock & Republic Blush: Spank and Tease

Can we get some better names please? I am tired of sexual tongue-in-cheek names already!

I took pictures of the case and mirror which you can find here, so I will just focus on the colors and swatches in this post.

I got Spank and Tease from during their fabulous sale.

Spank is a light matte pink. I would say it is neutral- not too cool or warm. When I wore Spank, it didn't seem to have the lasting power of my other Rock & Republic blushes.

Tease is a soft lavender pink. It is also matte.

Both blushes are smooth and silky to apply. I probably would not pay $40 for these, but I am glad I took advantage of the sales!


ModestyBrown said...

I think these both look lovely, I wished I'd come across them whilst they still have a presence in the UK. Thanks for sharing the swatches.

Noniek said...

Hi, can you tell me how rr tease compare with nars matahari?
Are they the same color? Tq

Martha said...

Nonie, I no longer have Mata Hari, otherwise I would post side by side swatches :( From my memory, Mata Hari was more vibrant and slightly less cool. I hope that helps some.

Here is a link to a swatch or MH: