Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Few Thoughts

I will be posting less in the next few weeks on. I have Vacation Bible School coming up next week which means I will be up and out of the house with all three kids by 7:30. Probabaly not much makeup is going to be happening either.

After that, it is time for me to do some research, order books, and begin home school First Grade with my oldest son this Fall. We did Kindergarten last year, but First Grade will be more involved. I also plan to start Preschool for my four year old.

I hope to do some more fun theme weeks this Fall- leave me ideas in the comments if you have any suggestions. Thanks!


Musing on Beauty said...

You are one busy mom! Homeschooling must be so interesting! I have no kids (yet) but I am a former teacher, I'm sure I'd enjoy it - although it's not very common here in EU to homeschool kids.
Looking forward to seeing more looks when you have time again!

Fish Fish said...

Hi Martha, I am actually interested to know, for homeschool, do you have a guideline from the "education department"? I know nothing much about homeschool, since my country does not have such practice. It was only after I came to U.S. that I realised about such practise.

Martha said...

Thanks Musing- I definitely never thought I would homeschool, but I have enjoyed it so far. We live pretty far from private schools, and I like the family time we get too.

Fish- There are some regulations. With the path I chose, I send a notice every year to the county school board. At the end of the year I give a standardized test and send in the results.

aretha said...

Hi Martha

I was wondering if you have tried the Shu Uemura Nobara cream cover stick? If you have, which shade do you wear and what do you think of it? =)

Martha said...

I have never tried Shu Aretha, sorry!