Friday, July 30, 2010

Chanel Chintz: Review and Swatches has free shipping with any amount until August 8th (I think).

They also have pretty awesome samples! The blue bottle is makeup remover.

Check out the mini gloss and lipstick- much better than the dinky foil pack I expected.

I ordered Chintz, which is a pinkish peach color. I thought it might be redundant in my collection, but it is fairly unique. It is definitely the most wearable color I own in this range.

Here are some comparisons to other pinks and peachy pinks :

Here is is compared to some more coral colors:

I see this being a go to color for me. I love the Rouge Coco formula which is light without being too sheer. I will do a face later in the week using it.

Here is a swatch of the sample pack- Samoa Aqualumiere and Bon Bon Gloss:


aretha said...

oh wow thats v generous of them! over here you have to buy hundreds of dollars and then beg for a sample because the SAs here are v stingy with their samples! =/

Catanya said...

I love your choice, I really think you chose a really elegant shade! I must add that Bombon is one of my favourite lip glosses ever. The colour is just unique!

Martha said... is wonderful to order from!

I looked up Bonbon and din't see it anymore- definitely a pretty shade.

Chantal said...

I am so happy with your blog! I find many of the makeup bloggers have a tanned complexion. Finally someone with porcelain skin like me. :)

Martha said...

Thanks Chantal- I love to hear from a new reader :)