Saturday, May 22, 2010

American Apparel Polish Swatches and Comparisons

With the recent 30% code at American Apparel, I decided to give their nail polish a try. My items arrived within the week, although there were a few problems. My back ordered colors arrived barely bubble wrapped. They were not broken, but all were clearly used! Two were even marked as testers. I called Customer Service, and they were apologetic. They are sending me replacements. My other three came perfectly wrapped and new from the warehouse.

L'Esprit is definitely bluer than Lilacism. I much prefer the AA formula over Essie. It was opaque in two easy coats.

Neon greens are nearly impossible to photograph. These are much greener than the picture. The China Glaze is more neon and slightly lighter than Malibu Green. But they are quite similar.

Mouse is more taupe than Chinchilly, which is more of a cement color.

Teal is more of a blackened deep teal than Peacock. They are pretty different as far as teals go.

Now you can see my problem as I try to photograph the last group. My 1 year old woke up and wanted to play.

These are the last three of which I have no dupes.

American Apparel polishes have a great opaque formula worth checking out, but only if you can get past the lack of quality control when it comes to shipping. They have some pretty and unique colors, especially when it comes to creams. Just be warned that you may encounter some problems, and their company CEO is a subject I won't even touch.


marti said...

great comparison! I have been wanting to pick a few of these and I definitely will have to get around to it now.

And lol at their CEO. We had to watch a movie about him (well AA in general) in one of my classes and the guy is a total wacko. They say he walks around the office naked! no wonder he has been hit with so many sexual harassment lawsuits.

ModestyBrown said...

I really like the look of Mouse and L'esprit. I had to laugh at your 1 year old's appearance in the photo. I often end up trying to take photos whilst holding on to my 4 month hold, queue lots of blurry pics!

Martha said...

marti-they are definitely unique colors and very good quality! and what a weirdo

Modesty- the little ones make it impossible :)