Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Urban Decay Review : Summer of Love, Stereophonic, Hall of Fame

My Urban Decay Friends & Family sale order is here! I ordered on Thursday and received it today, so very fast shipping. Here is everything together :

The first thing I tore into was the Summer of Love Palette. I don't have much Urban Decay, so I had none of these shades yet. I love the groovy packaging. It even contains real hippies.

It has a mini Sin Primer Potion. Sin was too shiny for my liking in these swatches, but I will give it a try. I will at least keep it with the package since it is so darn cute.

I am eager to try a look with this palette tomorrow. I love coppery browns, and the bright purple will be a fun accent. All of the shades were smooth, pigmented, and free of huge glittery chunks.

The Stereophonic Eyeliner Set has four 24/7 eyeliners and one Heavy Metal Glitter Liner. The liners are not full size, but are perfect for a fickle person such as myself.

Zero is a black which needs no description because I am sure all Urban Decay junkies have no fewer than six of these lying around somewhere. They seriously come in every set and palette. They are the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion of Urban Decay. Crash is a deep purple with silver glitter. The glitter was a bit sparse, but I can see using this rich purple often. Underground is a medium neutral brown or taupe. Gunmetal is a blue based medium gray.

Distortion deserved a photo of its own. Holy glitter Batman! Loads of cornea scratching particles to be had. I will not be trying this on my eye. On my arm the glitter was difficult to remove and felt very scratchy.

Distortion, Gunmetal, Crash, Underground, Zero

swatches in reverse order:

And lastly the Hall of Fame Set. I ordered this for the XL Primer Potion. I think it was basically the same price as getting it alone, so I decided to get this set for the fun extras. Always cute packaging! This has the XL Primer Potion, a (very) mini Zero 24/7 Eyeliner, a mini Timothy Pocket Rocket lip gloss, a mini Skyscraper Mascara, and a mini Midnight Cowboy Lipstick.

I tried out the mascara today, and it was pretty decent. It didn't clump and was easy to layer. It was also pretty lengthening. I don't normally use non waterproof mascara since it doesn't hold a curl, but I would consider using this on a lazy day.

The Zero liner looks pretty darn small, definitely smaller than the minis in Urban Decay's palettes and sets.

I am liking the Pocket Rocket Lipgloss. It is a bright watermelon color. It isn't sticky, but it has an overwhelmingly sweet scent. I love the smell of Creme Brulee, but not this much. I would consider purchasing a full size since the color and formula are so pretty, but the tacky package means I won't. Who wants a half naked man on their lip gloss? Besides a teenager.... I can picture pulling this out at the next School Board Meeting.

The midnight Cowboy Lipstick has the same smooth formula of other Urban Decay lipsticks. Not much scent which is nice after smelling the lip gloss. It doesn't give much color, just a nude sparkly effect. I love it, but you have to be down with glitter. It leaves quite a bit of glitter behind after it wears off too.

Overall I am very pleased with my order and loving Urban Decay- especially at 30% off!


Makeup Zombie said...

Urban Decay is my LOVE!! Sin is a great primer. I usually use it under a creamy base so you can't see the shininess of it. :)

Martha said...

I will have to try out Sin for sure!