Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Chanel in the Hizzy

After my recent Chanel order with a sample of Cambon Rouge Coco, it was quite evident that I needed this lipstick. I got a card with a nice offer too- now through April 30th you get free shipping and a mini Legende Rouge Coco with any order over $85 on (0310rougecoco). I can do that..... In Love Joues Contrast Blush has been on my wish list for quite some time, and I loved swatches I saw of Bikini Peach Glossimer.

What's this?

Check out the mini shopping bag my "free" Rouge Coco came in! I also got two "free" samples - a mini mascara and the four samples of Rouge Coco. I put free in quotes because I am sure that somewhere in the outrageously priced makeup you see, I paid for these samples. But nice anyway :)

In Love, Bikini Peach, Cambon, Legende :

Here are my closest comparisons. I was worried Deep Throat would be close, but it is much pinker in real life. Fleurry is frostier and lighter. Cantaloupe is definitely not even close.

These turned out terrible, but you can see Cambon is an intense pinky red. Cyndi is very sheer, but along the same tones. Girl About Town is a fuschia. Legende is thrown in there since I have nothing similar to this cool toned rose.

Here are the closest colors I have to Bikini Peach. Frankly Fresh and VGV are much more brown. I am happy to report that I have nothing quite similar to Bikini Peach.

And my sister Naomi will like this picture. I just have on a light dusting of In Love and the glossimer :

"That is correct"


Catanya said...

oh, lovely! I want that gloss and I adore Chanel blushes! In fact, everything Chanel , lol!

partysis said...

Haha! I lol'ed when I saw that picture! Best movie ever : )

marti said...

oh so jealous!! the blush looks absolutely lovely!


aretha said...

the glossimer looks really nice! i need to check that out. :) i have the 'in love' blush but in the old discontinued Irrelle blush form. i heard that its basically the same color but that this one is more pigmented because it is in the Joues contraste form. cant wait for fotds of your new haul! :)