Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tiny Shiny Custom Jewelry : Solomon Lane Jewelry

Meet my sister Naomi. She is pretty awesome. She also makes awesome jewelry. I mean, even if she wasn't related to me and paid me for the haircuts I give her in jewelry, I would freakin love her stuff!

She can customize names, dates, initials, or any ideas you have for a piece of jewelry. I think they are perfect gifts for Mother's Day, birthdays, or any occasion you want to remember.

Here is the link to her shop : Solomon Lane Jewelry


Evil Angel said...

Oh wow she is sooo talented! I favorited her store on etsy!

Catanya said...

Wondeful blog! I came here from Temptalia. Maybe yoy would like mine.
I am following you!

My 4 kids said...

I googled Solomon Lane Jewelry and came across this! Is your sister no longer making anything? Her Etsy site has been down for some time now. I have a bracelet she made that is beautifl with my children's names and SURPRISE! we had another! I'd love to add a name to a necklace and bracelet if possible. Thanks for your help!

My 4 kids said...

I was just wondering if your sister was still making her beautiful jewelry. I've been hoping she opens her Etsy site back up. My husband ordered me a beautiful bracelet and necklace and we had a surprise baby in the fall! I'd love for her name to be added. Thank you for your help in contacting her!

Martha said...

I will pass the message along to her. She hasn't been making jewelry in awhile. Congrats on the new baby :)