Friday, February 5, 2010

Looking Forward to Spring FOTD

About 5 inches of snow fell today, and it is now sleeting. We are expecting more tomorrow. Yep, I am definitely tired of Winter. I can pretend it is Spring soon, right?

This is what came from Sephora yesterday for me. It was partly a gift card from my sister, and I added some more for the free shipping. We wouldn't want to be wasteful now.....

MUFE HD Primer Neutral
MAC MSFN Light/Medium
BB Corrector Light Bisque
BB Concealer Kit Warm Ivory
Lancome Taupe Brow Pencil

Benefit Sugarbomb (new)

NARS Niagara (new)

UD Underground
UD Scratch
BB Chocolate Shimmer Ink
L'Oreal Lash Out Waterproof Black


Brianna said...

so so pretty!

Minted Rose said...

Looks lovely! Sugarbomb is so pretty on you!

Martha said...

Thank you both :) Sugarbomb is my new favorite.