Saturday, January 2, 2010

Packing Up Christmas....

To be honest, all of this stuff was really taken down on December 26th and placed on my hearth to get packed immediately. I am a clutter freak, and Christmas was driving me crazy this year. Yes, I have issues.

I thought it would be fun to show some of my favorite ornaments from over the years. Ornaments are a gift I love to get at Christmas, and I love to hang them every year as I remember the person who gifted it :)

These are a gift from my parents when they traveled to Russia for some mission work. I love the detail that went into painting them.

I don't remember the story on this egg, though I know it is from my Dad. The girl is also from my Dad when he traveled to Germany for work.

This is my small but growing collection of Lenox ornaments. My favorite is the vintage looking set on the left from my Grandparents. The cross on the right if a gift from a client whose hair I did for years.

And the best for last. These are hand painted porcelain from my Grandma and Great Aunt. They did one every year for my sister and myself. Every one has my initials and the date, and there is one for every year of my childhood.

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas season!

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