Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lanolin : Good for the Nips, Better for the Lips!

I have recently discovered the best lip balm ever! Srsly. And it was in my bathroom cabinet all along!

Pure Lanolin.

The stuff they give you at the hospital when you take home your baby (among other things I hastily shoved in my bag such as diapers, cotton pads, vaseline, booger suckers, formula, prescription drugs). But I digress.....

This stuff is thick, barely scented, and best of all free! I use a tiny bit every night, and it is still there in the morning. My lips have never been so soft in the dead of winter. Even my husband uses and loves it - oops don't tell anyone!

Here is a picture that shows the texture- very thick and slightly yellow. Thicker than Vaseline even. This is also how much I use- only a tiny bit.

If your lips are feeling dry this winter, reach in the back of your medicine cabinet. Or if you have no kids, try your local Target in the bottle and formula aisle.

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