Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cheap Thrills Brought to you by Kroger

Most times I do not enjoy grocery shopping, but I do enjoy eating, so what are you gonna do? As I steered my grocery laden cart through the crowded aisles of Kroger this Sunday, I suddenly found myself in the Health and Beauty section. What the what?? How did this happen. Oh well,
time to browse....

L'Oreal was on sale. I have wanted to try some of their lipsticks for awhile, especially Fairest Nude. It was on sale for $6 plus I had a $1 off coupon. How could I say no? I also picked up Tawny which was right beside Fairest Nude, and also happened to be on Closeout for $3 and change.
I like the square packaging with the gold band in the center. They click when you close them too.

Fairest Nude & Tawny

The smell is a bit unpleasant. It is slightly waxy, but not overpowering.

Both are great nude colors for my skintone (MAC NC20). They are both smooth and creamy in texture. No shimmer or sparkle to be seen either, which is nice.

Both colors are sheer with one swipe but can be built for a more opaque color.Top Tawny & Bottom Fairest Nude- Opaque with a few swipes

Top Tawny & Bottom Fairest Nude- Sheer with one swipe

Overall a great purchase for this neutral obsessed bargain shopper!

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